Jab Records - 3 labels
Jackpot Records - subsidiary of Challenge Records

Jad Records
Jador Records - subsidiary of Goldband Records
Jaguar Records
Jaguar Records - 100 series
Jaguar Records - 3000 series - 1950s label
Jam Records
Jamie Records
Janus Records

Eastbound Records - 1970s label - distributed by Janus Records
Jaro Records
Jasman Records - very small label
Jax Records
Jay Boy Records - UK
Jay-Dee Records
Jay-Walking Records - division of  Soulville Records (Harrisburg, PA)
JC Records - probably 3 labels
Jed Records
Jerden Records
Jeremiah Records - mostly Hoyt Axton
Paula Records - division of Jewel Records
Ronn Records - division of Jewel Records
Jin Records
JMI Records
J.O.B. Records
Joda Records - very small mid-1960s label
Johnson Records
Jolar Records - small Boston, MA label
Jolly Rogers Records - distributed by M-G-M Records - seven records
Jordan Records - small New York City label
Josie Records
Jowar Records - small Long Island, NY label
Jox Records

Joy Records
Joyce Records
Juana Records - distributed by T.K. productions
Juanita Records
Jubilee Records
Judd Records
Juggernaut Records - very small New York City label
Jugoton Records - Yugoslavia - rather incomplete
Juke Box Records
Julia Records
J-V-B Records - Joe Von Battle's label

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