45 Discography for Liberty Records - OZ
distributed by EMI Records
The Liberty 45s issued by EMI in Australia were like the Liberty 45s issued in the UK by EMI. In both cases four different numbering systems were used and the numbering systems are also incomplete making a rather confusing mess. By using the US numbers from Dolton, Imperial and Liberty along with a numbering system that was used much more in the UK ended up with a discography that appears incomplete when in truth there isn't much missing. Gaps in the discography appear in the discography sorted by matrix number which probably gives the best idea of the order in which these records might have been released. Without the matrix number for P.J. Proby's EP - LEP- 2192 "P.J. Proby" from 1964 it hasn't been included but should fill in one of the gaps.  A discography by record number has also been provided.

The UK numbering system was much larger in the UK and a number of the Australian issues using that numbering system actually used some numbers not used in the UK. Those numbers were 10018, 10031, 10071, 10101, 10102, 10110, 10167, 10240 and 10275.

Liberty singles by matrix number
Liberty singles by number

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