Atlantic/ATCO Records - UK

Decca had always used London to release Atlantic in the UK but demands for a higher profile meant that London were forced to give certain important US companies a name-check on the label, little more than "Recorded by Atlantic ". Eventually London were forced to produce London-Dot, London-Monument and London-Atlantic labels but all still part of the HL series.

This was apparently not good enough for Atlantic who broke away from London in 1964 although they stayed with Decca for pressing and distribution. This was a difficult time for US companies being the time of the British Beat Boom, and Atlantic needed all the help it could get to survive. They called upon all the labels that they had affiliations to in the US... ATCO, Stax/Volt, Dial and others small companies and actually managed to get UK hits during this period.

In 1966 Atlantic left Decca and went to Polydor for pressing and distribution and this then gave them US rights to Polydor artists. The Polydor licence expired in early 1972 and Atlantic joined its partners in the Kinney group (W.E.A)

Atlantic under Decca    4001- 4085 series
Atlantic under Polydor  584 000 series
ATCO under Polydor     226 000 series

Then Atlantic/Atco continues under the Polydor 2091 000 series  1970 onwards

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